Pupils will make progress through our assessment systems and processes as they are supported in their learning and understand how to improve.

Assessment is today's means of modifying tomorrow's instructions.

(Carol Ann Tomlinson)


Rigorous data tracking and regular pupil progress meetings, where adjustments to teaching and learning are discussed, monitors the progress of each child in the school to ensure that they fulfil their potential. 

Assessment for learning

Our marking principles are based on assessment for learning which is an approach, integrated into the teaching and learning, to enable pupils to understand the feedback we give and then act accordingly to improve their learning and guide their next steps. Feedback is designed to empower pupils to take responsibility for improving their own work.

Assessment tasks & tests 

At the beginning of new learning in some subjects, pupils do a 'cold' task which they repeat at the end of the unit.  This makes their progress visible to them, their teachers and their parents and informs teacher assessment.

At the end of terms 2, 4 and 6 pupils also sit tests which are standardised and diagnostic in nature and which enable staff to personalise interventions to meet pupil needs.

Statutory assessment

Formal testing and assessment takes place in accordance with statutory requirements. In Year 2, Teacher Assessment is moderated by the Local Authority and Year 6 children sit the Standard Assessment Tasks or Tests (SATs) as laid down in the National Curriculum. Test scores are made available to parents in the end-of-year reports to parents in Term 6.