Physical Education


Pupils will perform with increasing confidence and competence in a range of physical activities. They will be healthy, active young people who have a good understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle. They will have fun in sport and experience success. They will develop good sporting attitudes and understand the concepts of fairness and respect.

No matter how good you get, you can always getter better and that's the exciting part.

(Tiger Woods)


Every morning, pupils participate in 'Activate in the Classroom' to support their physical fluency, agility, balance and coordination.

Weekly PE sessions are taught by professional coaches from Active Primary (alongside class teachers), who teach and co-ordinate the physical development programme and progress of all Y1-6 pupils, as well as training school staff in the delivery of lessons. 

Through our links with the Hastings and Rother School Games Partnership and their SGO, pupils enter a variety of competitions and festivals, broadening their skills, experiences and opportunities.

Physical activity is promoted at break and lunch times and a wide range of after school clubs are available throughout the year.

All pupils have swimming lessons every year at Claremont Swimming Pool which is within a short walk from the school.  These are staffed by professional instructors and pupils enjoy the sessions and make excellent progress in these.